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"Das Coaching bei Michaela hat mir sehr geholfen, meine beruflichen Pläne zu konkretisieren und meinen neuen Job voller Energie zu starten. Michaela kennt ihre Tools und weiß ganz genau, was bei welchen Fragen sehr gut funktioniert. Ich habe in dem Coaching sehr viel über mich selbst gelernt und kann es nur wärmstens weiter empfehlen."

Andreea, Accelerated Growth Consultant

„Ich habe Michaela als Coach gebucht und bin sehr zufrieden. Das Coaching mit Michaela hat mir sehr geholfen, meine Stärken zu identifizieren und meine Fähigkeiten konkret zu benennen. In der gemeinsamen Arbeit sind wir dem Schritt für Schritt auf den Grund gegangen. Sie hat mir Tools und Methoden gezeigt, mit denen ich sehr gut arbeiten konnte und immer die richtigen Fragen gestellt. Damit ausgerüstet konnte ich im Coaching mit ihr zusammen erste Schritte der beruflichen Neuorientierung gehen. Mit Michaelas Input habe ich ganz neue Ideen für die Jobsuche gewonnen.“

Isabella, Kommuniaktionsmanagerin

"Michaela coached me throughout the preparation of my job applications as I was student at ESCP Europe. She took time to understand my profile and advised me on how to highlight my tangible achievements. She used her extensive connections with companies to put me into contact with employers I might not otherwise have considered. Thanks to her deep knowledge of day-to-day business Michaela could help me focus on employers’ needs and concerns. I really appreciated Michaela´s dynamism and her ability to motivate people. I went out of every coaching session feeling particularly energized and enthusiastic. She is also very practical person and could help me focus on my priorities and achieve my goals."

Marc, Manager

"Michaela was a great guide in my career search; she helped me to define what I wanted in a career and how to prepare for the interview process. She helped me optimise my resume, connected me with interesting people and supported me throughout the whole process (also when I already had left the campus). I am very thankful for all this!"

Anna, Consultant

"Michaela Wieandt is a great career coach! She supported me a lot during my last semester at ESCP and helped me with advice as well as company contacts. She listened to my needs and provided very good ideas to push my career. I can highly recommend Michaela as a career coach. Thank you for your support!"

Alina, Senior Manager

"Michaela is the best career coach I ever interacted with. She does have a full understanding of the industries and roles I was looking after. But most importantly, she ensured that I asked myself the right questions in order to go after the position that would suit me best! We interacted on many occasions over a period of 2 years in which she played a very important role in me getting two different positions I was going after. I am very grateful for her help and I recommend her a lot!"

Ragnar, Investor

"During my studies at ESCP Europe and also after my graduation, Michaela was of great help. We met several times and with her help and professional advice I was able to define what I really want. During University she also checked my application documents and rehearsed mock interviews with me. Thanks to her, I felt very well prepared for applying. I strongly recommend Michaela as a coach, she is helpful, constructive, caring, and very experienced, not to forget her great sense of humour."

Nadia, Coach

"Michaela is a very skillful and empathic career advisor. She was a great support for me as student during my time at ESCP Berlin. She helped us students to professionalize our applications and linked us via her and the schools network. Overall her skills helped us to boost our young careers. Also she has excellent networking skills, which she leverages for her job. As alumni I remained in frequent contact for career and school matters."

Andreas, Department Head

Weiteres Feedback und Empfehlungen sind auf meinem LinkedIn Profil zu finden.

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